Nebraska Dairy Farmer

This weekend we celebrated my grandpa’s 90th birthday. How do you celebrate a Nebraska dairy farmer?

With family, particularly crazy cousins (Missing the party were 6 grandchildren and various spouses and 8 of the 16 great grandchildren.)…

IMG_9717with pictures with props…


IMG_7973IMG_7947with babies flying on cows…


with barn and holstein cakes…

and with a lot of memories…

We celebrated a little early, since this was the time his children could all be in Nebraska. It was a rather special time. Now he has the goal of actually making it to 90 and still has time to make it into the encyclopedia, which he said was one of his disappointments in life.


Remember when I had to help with getting an auger out of the combine?  Several days ago, I got to help put it back in the shaft. It was a challenge, but we managed. Brad had put flighting on the auger, and it now looked like this:

auger with flighting

Because it’s a used combine the auger edges were worn out. Instead of getting a new auger, Brad put the flighting on and it’s as good as new. This auger was one that moves the corn up to the bin in the combine. He then went to work on the auger that takes it out of the combine. It looked in desperate need of some flighting.

chewed up auger

worn augerNow our combine is more efficient. That can help make up for some of the operator error.

Spraying Numbers

Spraying wheat

Some mystery person spraying wheat – not Brad

The intense spraying season is over because the corn is now starting to tassel and is too tall for a sprayer to drive over it. Before that happened was crazy in my opinion.

In around 3 weeks time, Brad sprayed over 8,500 acres. That’s under half of what he’ll spray this year.

Consider that he didn’t spray on days it was raining, on days after a good rain (because he didn’t want to get stuck in a field) and on days when the wind was blowing more than 17mph (give or take a few depending on what was around the field he was spraying).

He had his alarm set for 2 different times: 3:45 or 4:15 (if he needed to sleep in).

If the weather cooperated and things went without a hiccup, he would end his day between 8 and 9 pm.

The black tank on his sprayer trailer holds 3200 gallons of water. On a day full of spraying, he would have to refill it in the middle of the day.

A sprayer report for a field has a chart that might look like this on it:
Halex            4pts/acre          80 gal
Status           2.5oz/acre       400 oz
Atra              .6#/acre            96#
Class Act     1 gal/100          16 gal
Water           10/gal              1600

I would have to annoy Brad with many questions if I wanted to explain that.