Calf Cart

I have taken one picture of a calf this year. Don’t let that make you think that Nebraska is low on cattle. We actually just trumped Texas for the number of cattle on feed.

If you want to see some cute Nebraska calves this year and learn a thing or two, Mary Conneally has posted regularly on what has been happening with her cowboy during calving season. You’ll get a real kick out of what the FedEx man delivered to her door.

Of course, Oklahoma has some cute calves too.

What I have to offer to this conversation is this cute little cart.

calf cart

The ranchers in our family put a calf in here if they need to take it into the barn. They put the calf in the cart and pull it behind a pick up. In this area I guess you’d call that sledding.


2 Good Books

First of all, thank you to Tyndale House Publishers for sending me the following book to review. If you don’t have a hymnal at your house, this would be a great way to get one and to get back story on each hymn too.
be still my soulBe Still My Soul – The Inspiring Stories behind 175 of the Most Loved Hymns by Randy Petersen had me liking it at first sight because the pages have a cool torn look on the side of the book. Then I opened it up and the pages have an aged look to them too, plus a hymn (just like it would look in a hymnal) is on every other page. Opposite each hymn is a history lesson about the hymn. I thought all hymns would have a story similar to the story that goes along with It Is Well, but this book talks about the author, where the words came from and the origin of the music. It’s a little different for each song, but I found the writing in the book tends to be more historical than inspirational. Now the hymns – they’re inspirational!

We were given this next book as a Christmas present.

jesus storybook bible

The Jesus Storybook Bible is AMAZING! It blows every other children’s Bible out of the water. It reads in a way that makes kids interested, and it tells the story of the Bible in such a clear way. At the same time, it hits home even for me when I read it. If you have a preschooler in your home, do whatever you can to become an owner of this book.

More to come on books later…

Time Consumers

Why I haven’t I posted a book review lately? Why are my posts are less frequent? Why would I post a random, distasteful post about mice?

Why? Because…



He’s shooting a free throw. He really is shooting at a hoop.

IMG_8776 IMG_8782…On a typical day at home, I’m needed to watch a lot of basketball while commenting every minute or more on the score update and I’m trying to perfect the art of getting a baby to sleep and stay sleeping when not being held. Both require more mental energy than you’d expect.

Dead Mouse

Brad’s building was formerly used for grain storage. It was no longer storing grain when we bought it, but it still has A LOT of wheat left on all the side ledges. The mice love it.

Unfortunately, mice also ruin things even when they have a plethora of wheat to eat. They eat things you don’t want them to eat like wires and seats. They even eat concrete. We’re excited when we see one that looks like this: Dead MouseYou think Brad should get a cat for that building?


I love Spring. I won’t be surprised if every year I have this blog I post a picture of our first daffodil. This one appeared yesterday.


I love spring because I love watching trees bud out and leaves return to rose bushes. I get excited about planting lettuce and anticipating when the asparagus will appear. Farmers get all antsy about getting into the field.

What I find I like best about spring is the reminder of God’s faithfulness. He’s always there. If I feel like my heart is in the dead of winter, He’s there and will bring showers of refreshing. He’s as dependable as the return of spring and the sun coming up in the morning.

Think on that when you start seeing your spring flowers start to bloom.