A Random Story in which Brad is Holding a Baby

This story has everything to do with this blog because of the above sign. Explain to me how a town of 92 can have 4 exits. Now let me explain to you the circumstances surrounding the picture.

We were with my family on a little vacation. My dad went on a bike ride. He was hoping for 20 miles but had a major crash at mile 7. He decided the crash counted for 2 miles so only kept going for 2 more miles before turning around. It was those extra miles that brought us to that great picture. Thanks Dad!

About 7 hours later Dad is returning to our vacation spot after a visit to the ER and shot of morphine to help lessen the pain from what we learned was 2 or 3 broken ribs. While experiencing the effects of morphine, one of the absurd things my dad saw was Brad holding a black baby. (I only say black because he didn’t take the time to ask Brad the child’s actual nationality.) I take it as a sign that we’re supposed to adopt.

By the way, I’ve never seen someone in so much pain. It would be my recommendation to do all things within your power to prevent rib breakage.

Even with 2-3 broken ribs, Dad thought maybe shopping with Jill and I would take his mind off the pain and get me out of my crabby state. I’m sure it didn’t fully do either, but we did laugh when we saw this…

Now I need you to explain how a town of 92 can have 4 exits and how someone can miss their bright yellow gas cap hanging out of their car.

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About Julie

I'm blogging to glorify God by educating you about farming and telling you what God's doing in my life in the small (we're talking village) town in which I live.

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