While dismantling the ramp in front of our house,

Brad discovered we were destroying more than just the wasps‘ home.

Brad has a strong fear of snakes but didn’t want to kill this one since he probably kept our house mouse free for a while, so first he tried to direct him into a bucket.

He got him in the bucket, stood the bucket up and the snake seemed to hop on out of it. It seemed killing this thick snake would be gruesome, so picking him up and carrying him somewhere else was the only option. I gave a great pep talk, Brad put his gloves on and caught the snake.

Brad is thrilled to have a good snake story to tell, and we are glad to no longer have a snake living less than 3 yards from our front door.


I don’t think it takes a small town to have a snake living in your yard. What was small town surrounding this event was when the guy who helped build the ramp drove by and stopped to let us know they didn’t build the ramp in concrete. Good thing. He voted for killing the snake.


This is the perfect opportunity to share with you a piece of wisdom imparted to me by my dad. I think I’ll call it a “Dennisism.”

Do the thing you fear the most and death of fear is sure.  

Considering some snakes are deadly, Brad still has a healthy fear of snakes; but I don’t think he’ll need me to give him a pep talk before he picks up his next garter snake (not a bull snake like I was originally told). The benefit of having a snake story to tell strongly out weighs the risks.


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