Brad always told me you could send someone mail to our town without the address line. I can’t allow myself to take such a step, but I’ve wondered if I would ever get a piece of mail without the address line.

Today when I opened our box at the post office, it was there – our first piece of mail without the address line filled out. Doesn’t that essentially mean we could get mail if it just had our name and zip code?


4 thoughts on “Mail

  1. Yes it does. Our pastor send us a letter that said
    Creighton, NE

    It came to us. They got it to us becuase they knew we had friends in O’Neill and went to church there. So they put it in our box even though there were atleast 3 other Brads with the same zip. NO LAST NAME on the letter! Maybe I will try that one for your Brad:)


    • That’s hilarious! I guess I should let the lady at the post office know as much as I can about us so she can know what mail is ours if it’s not addressed completely.


  2. Having grown up in a small town, my guess is that the mail lady already knows more about you than you might think! Neighbors in small towns know A LOT about their neighbors! πŸ™‚

    When I was in HS and went out on dates, my parents didn’t wait up for me to get home because my neighbors did it for them!


  3. How convenient for your parents! Considering I barely know my neighbors’ names, I’d love to know what they think they know about me. The mail lady knows that I like to sign up for free samples. πŸ™‚


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