I’m telling you this only because it was interesting new knowledge to me.

Wranglers have a one year warranty.

Wranglers start one color and change. Brad says after 10 washes. I’m just taking his word for it that the pair of jeans on the right in the picture below started like the never yet washed pair on the left. Clearly the older pair needs to be washed, but that’s just showing you why one would buy jeans with a one year warranty.

Here’s a comparison with a cleaner old pair and proof in the pockets that both jeans are Wranglers.

I’ll try to update you on how the color change process is going in a month or so.

Two more things you should know:
1. I do not own a pair of Wranglers even though my parents thought buying me a pair for Christmas when I was engaged to Brad was a good idea.
2. Do not allow yourself to stereotype by thinking all farmers and ranchers wear Wranglers all the time. That would be a wrong assumption.


4 thoughts on “Wranglers

  1. I actually like the look of the worn wranglers much better. And to verify your sterotype subject….my husband does not wear wranglers 🙂


    • I agree completely about the worn wranglers. The dark blue make me think of something my grandpa would wear. I actually thought of Daniel when I wrote that. I can’t see him in Wranglers.


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