The Sister

Brad’s sister was in town visiting last week. It’s always fun to see her, and I like her even more now because she asked me if I wanted to go walking at 7 in the morning on a Saturday.

Renae’s the only female sibling out of five siblings and the only one not farming here. She is still a farmer however – a strawberry farmer. She’s a strawberry breeder for Driscoll’s.¬†Instead of raising corn in Nebraska, she’s in California working improving the taste, look and shelf life of strawberries. It’s such an interesting process I should have her write a post about it. In light of the price of berries out here, we think she has a great job because she comes bearing berries when she comes.

I think she needs to come back soon, or maybe I should just go visit.

We got family pictures taken while she was here. We think that's why Wyatt didn't want to be in the picture with her. He was sick of being told to smile for pictures.

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I'm blogging to glorify God by educating you about farming and telling you what God's doing in my life in the small (we're talking village) town in which I live.

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