I’m new to a very small town. That means I figure the majority of people I see know me even though I don’t know the majority of them. I’m never sure if I’m supposed to act like I know them or ask who they are. I’ve been sticking with staying ignorant.

Here’s a recent example of the situation.

I walked with the kids to the post office to get our mail. As we’re leaving the lady behind the window that we usually don’t see says, “Do your kids want a cupcake? It’s Tim’s birthday and Carla made him cupcakes.”

I don’t know Tim or Carla or the mail lady, but the kids took the cupcakes.

I acted like I might know Tim and said, “Happy Birthday Tim!” as we were leaving.  The mail lady said she’d tell him, and the kids licked the cupcake frosting all the way home.

Hopefully Carla, whoever she is, was counting on two more sugar loving kids in town when she made the cupcakes.


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