Guessing Game

In honor of Brad’s birthday [think to yourself – oh I need to wish Brad a happy birthday] I have a guessing game for you.

Here is his recent farm investment:

Here is what I want you to guess about it:

1. How much did it cost to fill the gas diesel tank for the first time? It was half full before he started filling.
2. How many miles does it have on it?
3. What’s the legal limit of how much weight in pounds he can haul in it?
4. How many gears does it have?

Guess away – guess one, a few or all.

Wondering about the answers? I tell you them here.


15 thoughts on “Guessing Game

  1. PS I have hijacked jailyns account and I am therefore posting under her name just so you think she is really smart, not that she’s not, however she would have no idea on these questions. Justin


    • That’s hilarious! Good point on the gas tank. I’ll go word that differently now. As for how your second guesses…
      1. Almost – maybe it was just less than half full when he started filling
      2. Have you talked to Brad about this? That’s extremely close.
      4. You’re moving in the wrong direction.

      By the way – Congratulations on the new little guy!


    • You’re exactly right on #4. Justin/Jailyn beat you to the above three questions. I don’t know exactly how much it cost. Sometimes it’s better if I don’t know those things. 🙂 Brad says it’s no big deal that it already has a million miles on it. He makes it sound like it could have 4 million miles or more on it before it dies. Let’s hope so!


  2. I just remembered today that I forgot to pass on birthday wishes to Brad the other day. Sorry I am late, but tell him happy birthday from all of the VW’s! See you in just a few days!


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