Corn Harvest Part 1 – View From the Combine

My outing with the kids this week was to the field.

Can you see the piece of corn trash flying in the air and the dust straight behind the dumping corn? Windy doesn't describe the weather we've had.

Full grain cart heading to unload in the semi. Wyatt is riding in the buddy seat. You can barely see his little head.

From the window inside the cab of the semi. Hail damage = smaller kernels

I couldn't see what I was photographing. Sort of artsy don't you think?

Make any sense of this one?

Now for a view out the front window of the combine. The header was getting clogged because the stalks were falling down due to the wind.

It's supposed to be free of corn stalks like this.

So when it didn't work to clear it off by slowing down, or stopping, reversing a little and going forward again, brother Brent took matters into his own hands (or feet). Problem solved!

Brent, thanks for giving Elliana and I a combine ride. We’ll be back. Someday we’ll get your face on here, but for now leaving you faceless adds some mystery to the blog.

Combine pictures will come when I take a tractor ride.


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