Needed: Pen Pal

One day at the post office last week Elliana was wishing she would’ve gotten mail. I think she actually gets more mail than a lot of four year olds, but who doesn’t want to get something exciting in the mail everyday?  The lady at the post office told her she should write someone a letter if she wants to get one. I wonder if that lady is just trying to save her job, but it was still a great idea.

We’ve spent the last couple of days talking about who we should write. Then this idea that I think is inspired (not something I could come up with on my own) hit me.

We should find a little missionary girl to write.

My world view is pathetic. Now I live where we help to feed the world, but we see very little of it. If I don’t figure something out my world view will get even more pathetic. I worry about this for my children and have often wondered about what I could do to help them have a better world view than myself, especially living where we see so little of the world.

That’s why this idea is so exciting to me. Don’t you think it would be a win-win situation if we found a preschooler living in another country that would be interested in being Elliana’s “pen pal”?

Anyone have any ideas of who that could be? Comment or email me if you do!


7 thoughts on “Needed: Pen Pal

  1. We sponser one compassion child for each of our own. The kids we have share birthdays with our own. We do get letters and pictures from the kids. All are from the same country. My ultimates goal is to go visit them someday.


  2. Rachel Ashcraft in Spain has a little girl that might be a little older than Elliana but I know she is younger than Eva….great idea! I should have Blake write her, he has been talking a lot about this week and he is ALWAYS wanting mail.


  3. Wonder how old Aaron and Lori Luse’s girls are by now? I think their youngest MIGHT be close in age to Elliana’s. Just a thought. 🙂 I still love your posts! So fun to read about my old “stompin’ grounds” Joy


      • If we had access or ownership of a plane – I’d be on my way in the morning – but alas…we do not. Still I sure hope to get out there and see you some day. Spring is a good time! 🙂


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