The Morning I Drove Grain Cart

Man power was a little short for the harvest crew this week, so they let me drive the tractor one day. Someone came to take my place by noon, which I take to mean I was too scary of a driver and/or Brad’s brother wants to make sure he doesn’t do anything to scare me away from farm life.

This was the day of the flat tire and the locking the keys in the car incidents. The only other minor accident that happened that day was when I tried to load the semi. I had my directions that Brad quickly wrote when I gave him the paper. Did he seriously think  just telling me all that information would stick?!

Those directions are telling me what I should do with all this:

I did my best to follow the directions but forgot there was some corn in the truck already. It started filling up way too fast. My heart was pounding. I was sweating and panicking, but I managed to move forward. Then it started to fill up the back and I started freaking out again. I pushed what I thought were the right things but just ended up killing the tractor. Talk about feeling like a failure within the first hour of starting a job. I tried turning the key to restart but nothing happened.

I must have taken the picture of the buttons while I was waiting for Brad to come get me restarted because some of them are still in position. Believe me, I wouldn’t have been taking pictures while massive quantities of corn were pouring out of the tractor and overflowing the semi.

I was way too drained after that experience to go outside and take a picture, so you’ll have to deal with this shot from the tractor. Note the corn on the ground and the overflowing front of the trailer.

I didn’t get fired after that, and Brad shoveled up the corn I spilled. Nice guy.

I’ll tell you about the rest of my experience tomorrow. Why make a super long post when you could make two?

Until then, here’s proof I was in the tractor.

I guess that’s not very good proof. If you know my fingers you’d know that is me.

4 thoughts on “The Morning I Drove Grain Cart

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  2. Oh Julie! You did awesome – it is amazing all the things they have to be aware of when doing what seems like should be such an easy task. And (not to point fingers, but rather provide company), I’m pretty sure both men here managed to drop a few (many) kernels of corn.


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