The Morning I Drove Grain Cart, Part 2

Brad seems to be all about caution and safety when it comes to farming. So when he gave me my refresher course on driving the grain cart (I call it a ‘refresher’ because it was quick and I did get the experience once before during wheat harvest around 10 years ago) he told me all these things I needed to be careful about. The dots are in place of words I don’t remember.

-Don’t turn too sharp or the hitch will hit…

-You need to put the auger… or else it could hit the tire when you turn…

-If you’re too close to the combine and hit a bump your tire will…

-You want to keep it around 2000… or else…

And I didn’t bother to ask about the price of the machine I was driving.

I drove slow, and I prayed a lot. “Don’t let me hit the corn. Don’t let me hit the combine. Help me get this thing to go. Don’t let me do anything stupid.”

My first major task of the day was to follow the combine through the field. Normally you just wait where the corn is already picked, but that doesn’t work when they have to start a row in the middle of the field.

When they combine gets mostly full, they pick a little part of the neighboring rows so the tractor can pull in next to it and let the combine unload. I made it into my little spot without hitting anything, took some pictures while I was parked

then sat while he unloaded and hoped I was going to have to back up.

I didn’t. Good thing considering I can barely back up a normal vehicle.

I should have written this when I wrote part one. I’m blanking out on much else to say except that I was happy to be a grain cart driver for a morning because I thought it might help them finish harvest sooner, I didn’t have anything better to do, I thought it might help keep our house clean for a half a day longer, and I thought it might make for some interesting blog material. I didn’t help harvest finish any sooner and my house still got dirty faster than I would of liked, but I did get two posts out of the deal.


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