Here’s a little run down of our Halloween evening…

-We walked to main street for the 3rd annual Trunk or Treat. The people who live in the country around our town parked on main street, opened their trunks and generously handed out treats. That was after all who were in costume posed for a picture for an area newspaper.

-The elementary kids around probably stopped at every house with a light on before or after the Trunk or Treat, but I opted for stopping at home to hand out candy. I don’t want people to think we’re only here for taking.

-Then we drove out to the country to see a couple of older people who didn’t make it to the Trunk or Treat. Both of these places are a sit down and visit kind of stop. One I’ve always known to give a tidy plastic baggie of candy, and the other is famous for popcorn balls. They’ve given out popcorn balls since Brad was young, and they’re remarkable!

-A threat of snow in the forecast had farmers here feeling pressured to get as much corn picked as possible, so Brad was trucking.  Thankfully “the bins” are in between the places we had to stop. We stopped to see if Brad was there unloading corn, and amazingly enough he was! He was very excited to see us. Otherwise he might not have seen his little bugs.

That was our Halloween!


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