Before I tell you about my pumpkins, check out the pumpkins some college friends of ours grow in another small Nebraska town.

If you have a pumpkin that looks like this:

You can turn them into this:

It was news to me that a non-orange pumpkin had edible orange pumpkin inside it. I’m not going to turn into a food blogger, so don’t ask me how to get from picture A to picture B. It wasn’t always pretty, but I’m excited about the finished product even if no recipe calls for a quart of pumpkin. I was out of pints from canning tomatoes.

Please don’t start stereotyping small town Nebraska women. We don’t all can food. I can because I like to use what I have and like the end result. I find it very rewarding to use food I’ve preserved and to not have to buy pumpkin at the grocery store. I’m actually excited that I got a pressure canner for my birthday.

Don’t keep reading this blog if you want to learn about how to preserve food. I did get a cookbook about it for my birthday, but I’m completely inexperienced on the subject.


2 thoughts on “Pumpkin

  1. Cool! I would like to start doing this, maybe next year! The next thing on my list of food interests in yogurt making. My friend has a yogurt maker that comes with 7 glass jars so I could still send yogurt to work with Victor. I may try the mckmama crockpot version first. We’ll see. Impressive canning though and cool birthday gift!


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