Fuel Filters

Brad says, “I got you some…”

He paused and I had a moment to ponder what he might have bought me. I was thinking it was maybe an exciting ice cream flavor.

“…blog material.”

That’s just as good as actually buying something for me.

Here’s what he thought would be good blog material.

Pick Up filter, Semi filter, pop can for size comparison purposes

Price for the pick up filter: ~$3.50
Price for the semi filter: ~$80.00    Some this size are $80 but this one was only $15. Not nearly as impressive but still interesting.

Oil used in the pick up: 6 quarts – Brad thinks it might take six quarts of oil just to fill the semi filter.
Oil used in the semi: 12 gallons – The first time Brad changed the oil in his dad’s semi he didn’t realize this. Thankfully there were a couple of large buckets sitting around or seven gallons of oil would’ve been floating around the shop.

Brad, if you happen to read the blog, thanks for the material!


One thought on “Fuel Filters

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