Lately I’ve been missing living in walking distance to stores with great deals. I live with a slight fear that I’ll someday run out of free toothpaste. At this point that’s a very unsubstantiated fear. This week I feel slightly worse because I’m  a little bummed about being hours away from any really good Black Friday shopping. I’m trying to be hopeful that I’ll find something online, but it’s hard to browse the racks when you’re online.

Don’t worry about me though, I’m going to constantly remind myself when I get bummed about my lack of deal shopping about the great spices I got for an outstanding price at the general store in a nearby town!

See my minced onion, granulated garlic, and allspice? That’s ..38 pounds of fresh spices for $3. I went to buy allspice at the grocery store I normally shop at and it was a smaller container for $5! I couldn’t let myself do that. They didn’t have a generic option either, so I’m so thankful I live near a store where I can get great spices for a great price.

Don’t miss checking out my homemade necklace from Elliana either. She made one for Brad too.


2 thoughts on “Spices

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