Trucking Numbers

Before I tell you a trucking number from harvest, I need to let you know that the price of the fuel filter for the truck was not what Brad thought. He got the bill for it this week and it was only $15! He thought it was going to be around $80 because he saw a similar one in his dad’s shop with a $77 price tag on it. I’ll happily take the lower price.

I thought I was going to have more numbers to share with you related to trucking for harvest, but we won’t know the diesel bill until we get the coop bill. Because I was planning to post this and don’t know what else to post about at the moment, I’ll just have to tell you about one number.

Total number of bushel’s Brad hauled with his truck this harvest: 130,000     (FYI: a bushel is equal to 64 pints.)

He was able to help another farmer with their harvest after his brother finished, or else that number would’ve been around 90,000. Considering he gets paid per bushel, we were thankful for the extra work.

The price of corn is around $5.50 a bushel, so you could say Brad hauled around $715,000 worth of corn.


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