More Trucking Information

I guess we don’t have to wait for the coop bill to tell you the our harvest diesel expense. Brad just told me that he used approximately 915 gallons of diesel. The price of diesel these days: ~3.99. I’ll do the math for you…..$3650,85.


One of my most faithful readers, “City Girl,” asked how many bushels fit in the truck.

Brad’s answer: ~1,100   It fluctuates depending on how heavy the corn is.

She also asked how much it costs to grow a bushel of corn. I was going to ask Brad that, but I want to be stingy with my question asking so he doesn’t get annoyed with me. I also think he would roll his eyes at me a say it depends. You’ll have to settle for my answer on this one.

Julie’s answer: It depends on…

  • how much you have to irrigate
  • if you own your equipment or pay to use someone else’s equipment
  • if you do your own work or pay someone else to work for you
  • if your corn gets attacked by bugs you have to pay to kill
  • how much fertilizer you need
  • the price of fuel
  • probably something else too but you get the idea


One other thing I thought of that is slightly interesting related to harvest trucking is the different places Brad hauled corn.

  1. The ethanol plant
  2. The farmers’ bins
  3. A huge cattle feed lot
  4. The grain elevator. We have several around but he only hauled to one of them this harvest.

That should about sum it up for the extent of my harvest trucking knowledge. If you think of any questions, please ask and I’ll do my best to investigate.


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