Just One More Post About Harvest

I said I was done but thought of a couple other things related to harvest that I thought were worthy of jabbering about.

The first item is the number of loads Brad hauled. I told you the number of bushels and the number of bushels in a load, but I didn’t calculate for you the number of loads. It calculates to 118 loads, but he says it’s closer to 120. Some loads were lighter than others.

The second item is to put a little perspective on our fuel expense during harvest. I’m sure if a farmer read where I said we spent $3,650.85 on diesel, he would be jealous. I’d love to go around asking farmers what their fuel expense for harvest was, but I’m too insecure about myself to ask most farmers any question other than “How are you?” and I don’t want to appear nosy.

If there’s actually a farmer or farmer’s wife who reads this and would like to share an estimate, I would love to hear. I’m sure some of my curious readers would too.

If not, we’ll just have to settle for knowing it’s way more than we spent. Just imagine how much fuel it would cost to keep a combine and a tractor pulling a grain cart running for a day. It’s a lot!

If all this farm jabber is boring you, here’s a picture of my little sugar cookie roller.





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