I was going to title this “The Best of 2011,” but some of the best times aren’t captured. I have to remember the good times or else the pessimist in me can take over. I started with 50 pictures which wasn’t even close to all I could’ve used and eliminated some just because a post with 50 pictures is a bit excessive. It’s still a lot of pictures and they’re not completely in chronological order, but they make me smile regardless. Just click on one and you can then scan through them all if you like.

Not included – pictures of guacamole (or glockamole if you prefer Dad), mocha smoothies, more family and friends, that fabulous facial and pedicure, little vacations, moments of laughter, little moments with my kids…

So it may have been an exhausting year, but I really could also label it a very blessed year. Now on to 2012! A year where I’m going to focus on being less crabby and remembering the good times.

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About Julie

I'm blogging to glorify God by educating you about farming and telling you what God's doing in my life in the small (we're talking village) town in which I live.

5 thoughts on “2011

  1. LOVED LOVED LOVED all the pictures!!! You are a fantastic photographer. You could start a business taking kids pictures! 🙂 Of course it helps that your kids are so adorable!! Loved the lamp stocking too! ha. Funny! 🙂 Happy New Year Julie!


    • I will! So glad you encouraged me to register when you did. I almost added a picture of the Autumn River Run for this year, but the only one I had of us together was that tired looking one before we left with the clock on the wall.


      • Whew! Glad you’ll be there to run with! I won’t have to bug you about checking your fabulous watch anymore either because I will soon be the owner of one as well! I got some fabulous gift $$ for Christmas this year and I Think that is what I am going to get! No worries on the Autumn River Run pic….We didn’t do a good job of getting a better pic of us did we?


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