Radiator Canvas

I wanted to tell you about some books and about the projects Brad accomplished this weekend, but time is only going to allow me to tell you about this grill cover thing Brad bought for his truck.

We can’t come up with the official name for it at the moment. If you do an image search for radiator cover, you don’t see much related to semi trucks. I’ve decided I’ll call it a radiator canvas.

Why did the semi need this?

When it was actually acting like winter here, the semi couldn’t get up to ideal running temperature with all the cold air blowing into it. It was running 70 to 80 degrees cooler than ideal. According to Brad, this is hard on the engine. Add the cover, less cold air comes in, the temperature can get to where it needs to be, and the engine lasts longer.

It doesn’t probably take a rocket scientist to figure that out; but if you didn’t already know, I thought you might feel smarter knowing the purpose of that canvas the next time you see one.


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