A New Fireman

Our small town has a volunteer fire department. It’s the norm for small towns around this part of the state. I’m not sure about other parts of Nebraska. It’s really a necessity and they’re very appreciated since the closest non-volunteer fire department is too far away in case of a fire.

Our fire department had their meeting this week. Brad went to the meeting and came home a fire fighter. It was about that simple.

Eleven people were at the meeting. Five out of the six held the same last name – Brad, his three brothers and his dad. So when it was time to vote about the new member, he almost had a majority of the votes just because I’m sure his own family wouldn’t vote against him. No one voted against him actually, if you were wondering.

Now he actually has a uniform hanging in the spot with his name over it in the fire hall. I was surprised by that, but duh, you can’t learn to fight a fire without protection. They even gave him pager that will promptly let us know every night when it is 6:15, so we know it is working correctly. I’m assuming the point of the pager is for him to have it with him when he’s not home. We’re only two blocks from the fire station. We have a hard time missing the siren and Brad, if he’s at home, is going to have to stall if he doesn’t want to be the first person there.

Someday, years down the road, I might consider joining the fire department. They have a secretary/treasurer and I can see myself filling that position. Do you think they’ll vote someone in as a member if they have the conditions that they don’t fight fires and they have to be the secretary/treasurer?


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