Me and My Shadow

We do have paved roads with some traffic on them around here, but my route from work to the family that watches our kids to our house involves a lot of what you see in these pictures.

I often feel that’s it’s just me and my shadow. Thankfully that shadow changes frequently to keep me entertained.

Here it's the monster truck looking figure.

I don’t worry when I stop in the middle of the road to take pictures of my shadow or when I have to go in reverse to catch it when it looks like this.

I don’t have to worry because it’s usually just me, my shadow, cows, the empty road in front and behind me,

and lately on the way home I have the sunset too.

I guess there are power?/telephone? lines as well, but I must just not pay attention to them since I took this sunset picture with them right in the middle of it.


3 thoughts on “Me and My Shadow

  1. I love your pics. That is kind of funny because I used to watch the shadow of our family car as we commuted through the countryside between school and home. Only, I would pretend it was like a lawnmower blade shearing off the grass in the ditches. Ha! I was a little nerdy.


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