Survey Time! – Updated

If you’re interested in the results, find them here.

I’ve been thinking for months about how to get input from other Nebraskans, small town dwellers, and farmers on my blog, and I’ve finally found something I’m willing to try – a little survey! I’m only going to go with one question at a time in order to keep responding easy and fast.

I want to know how far do you typically drive to buy groceries? I don’t want to know how close you live to a grocery store. I live about 15 miles from one, but I don’t do my regular shopping there. If I were to answer this question, I would say 45 miles.

All Nebraskans Anyone can participate on this first survey. (I need all the responses I can muster, and we can just compare you out-of-staters to Nebraska.) It’s only five questions and you only have to answer three of them. If enough people respond to make it worth posting the answers, on January 31st I’ll post a map that I’ll think is cool with the answers.

In case you missed that link before, click right here, and you’ll be taken to the super easy and fast survey.

I hope you’ll think the results are fun and interesting, and that you’ll be happy to participate if in the future I feel like it’s worth it to try another little survey.


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