Tractor Story

Brad’s grandpa bought this tractor new in 1969 for around $8,000. Brad’s dad and grandpa had been tractor shopping and were trying to decide between an International and a Case. Brad’s grandpa must have been tired of trying to decide because before he left on a long trip to Texas, Las Vegas and California, he told Brad’s dad to decide on the tractor by the time he came back. When he got back, this tractor, an International, was in his yard.

Fast forward about 11 years to Brad’s grandparents’ farm sale. Brad’s dad was the highest bidder of that same tractor. He still owns it, and it still gets used.

I’ve heard my dad say something about farmers getting a new tractor when they have a new baby. Well that is true in this case because Brad was born two days after his dad bought this tractor.


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