The Survey Says…

Click here to see what several people told me about how far they drive to get groceries.

I was hoping to have a fabulous map for you to view embedded right here, but iframes don’t work here. That means you have to click to see it. I think a huge motivation for doing that survey was to use the website that made that map for me. Sometimes you learn fun things like that at work meetings.

Even though you had to click to see it, I still think it’s a cool map. If you click on the letters you see people’s answers. Sara from Ord, (Letter C), drives the most miles for groceries. You deserve something for that, Sara!

I did not respond myself and neither did anyone else from southwest Nebraska. I fear they may have been upset with me for not shopping locally. Part of the reason I do my major grocery shopping 45 miles away is because I already drive there for work. I also don’t like to spend money and have a hard time paying what the grocery stores closest to me ask for a lot of items. I think going farther for groceries will still be worth it for me in the summer when I’m not working, but I’ll try to coordinate the trip with other things I need to do and try to get groceries for longer stretches of time.

One of my survey responders asked this question – “Is it worth the extra miles to get food cheaper (or anything really) or worth buying local to keep our small town businesses in business?”

Very good question. What do you think?


3 thoughts on “The Survey Says…

  1. I missed the survey!! How did I miss the survey?!?! I drive 40 miles round trip to get groceries but I also buy a lot of groceries through a not-so-local food coop because I want organic/hard-to-find food that I cannot buy close to home. Because of that, I try to balance by buying other things (tp, kleenexes, gas, etc.) locally rather than going to wally-world b/c I don’t want small businesses in our community to die.


    • I guess I should have begged and pleaded more and maybe then you wouldn’t have missed the survey. If I do another one, I’ll make sure you get in on it. I like your shopping strategy. I take any good reason to not shop at wally-world!


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