Check This Out

Here’s an example of a conversation I have when meeting people within about a twenty mile radius from our house:

Person I’m Meeting: Hi, what’s your name?

Me: Julie

Person I’m Meeting: What’s your last name? [That’s vital information in small towns.]

Me: Shirt  [Obviously that’s not really my last name. In the real conversation I would tell them my real last name.]

Person I’m Meeting: Oh! Are you related to ____ and ____?

Me: Yes.

Person I’m Meeting: Which boy are you married to?

Me: Brad. [Then they usually have something nice to tell me about him or ask where he falls in the birth order.]

One of these conversations I had when a student in the classroom I was working in heard my last name. He got all excited and said, “Do you know ____?!” He had to keep explaining because I didn’t think he would know all about the Shirt family. He’s a 6th grader, in a different town than where we live, and going to a school Brad didn’t go to; but he knew Brad.

In that same school one of the administrative staff responded to hearing my name by saying something to the extent of, “I think I have a picture of your husband. I’ll bring it sometime.”

She brought it last week.

This picture was taken 4 to 5 months before I met Brad.

The picture is from the 800 meter run at some point during Brad’s senior track season. Brad ran the 800 consistently that year between 2:00 and 2:02. When he ran against the boy in yellow, who is the son of the lady who brought the picture, Brad would lead him for three quarters of the race; but that boy pulled ahead of him and beat him every time. I’m sure if Brad would’ve known me and had me there to cheer him on he could’ve beat him.


4 thoughts on “Check This Out

  1. That’s so funny, because that’s pretty much the same conversation I have with people! 🙂 And what’s even funnier, is I think that the Paxton runner is my sister-in-law’s brother!


  2. Love your articles, it takes me to a different time and place which i loved. I grew up in southwest Nebraska, and have lived and traveled all over the United States. I always find it amusing to see friends i have now, or their faces, when a Nebraska vehicle passes me and i say,”hey those people are from Chase county, or Red Willow,,”, they always ask if i know them..I say nope and tell them most of us from nebraska, have almost all the county license plate numbers memorized,,,lol hince,,72-Chase, 48-Red Willow,,,of course i dont have to explain to you ,though do i,,,,,lol,,,keep up the shout outs for small town Nebraska,,,,
    thanks again,,,
    Clifford Larsen,,,(and that is my real last name,)


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