Farming on the 5’s

Electrical Brad spent a lot of time in the attic today on a remodel job. Better to do that today than on an 80 degree day. He hurried home, cleaned up and turned into farmer Brad.

Farmer Brad went to an insurance clinic with about 40 other people who wanted to learn about crop insurance and/or just wanted a free meal. I wasn’t there, so maybe they all just wanted to learn about insurance. I personally would’ve also been excited about the free meal. I tried to inquire kindly about what he learned but didn’t get very far. I guess spending a lot of a day in an attic might make me feel unconversational when it comes to crop insurance too.

I’m sure you’re just blown away by all that excitement, but that’s what my farmer did today. Did anyone else have a farmer do something more exciting than that today?


4 thoughts on “Farming on the 5’s

  1. I love it . . . Farmer Brad, Electrical Brad. 🙂 I currently have Sleeping-in-the-Chair Korey and that’s excitement at its utmost. I think I would have definitely gone for the free meal . . . but that’s just me. Insurance does have a funny way of making my eyes roll back in my head. But again, that could just be me. 🙂


  2. Hmmm…I saw Robbie with some kind of grinder and a wheel. Not really sure what he was doing. Also, he did some “networking” at lunch. Oh, and he typed up a new lease for a farm that they will start renting this year.


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