Farming on the 5’s

If you haven’t already, go vote for Rex! It’s easy and February 26th is the last day to vote!

Now for Farming on the 5’s

We’ve thought slightly outside of the box and came up with three farm related things we did today.

1. Brad added an electrical circuit in his brother’s shop, so that brother can run his big air compressor. I’ve only deducted that it’s big because it needed its own circuit and because its main purpose is to change the sprayer’s tires (that’s the farming connection). We’re talking massive, taller-than-you tires.

2. While Brad was out he “stopped to look at the planter.” Seriously, that’s exactly what he said. It may have been slightly more than that, but what I gather from it is he just wanted the planter to become a little more familiar with him. They are going to be spending significant time together in a couple of months.

3. Once I post this, I’m going to send some pictures in to get developed of a hitch on another farmer’s planter.

They make little sense to me, but hopefully the blacksmith will know better how to add a hitch to the planter. The set up will be something like this: tractor, 3 point hitch, planter, hitch, trailer with a tank on it. I’m sure you’ll get to see a picture of that when the time comes.

Anyone else in Nebraska do anything farming related today?


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