Nebraska License Plates

For starters, you should know we don’t have a DMV in this county. We go directly to the county treasurer office, I’ve never seen a line there, and and they’re super friendly.

I was with Brad the day he went there to get “farm truck” plates last year. The experience will be stuck in my mind for a while. Brad was actually chatty, humorous, and near giddy; and I was stuck between rolling my eyes at him and trying to calm him down while he treated the ladies in that office like they were his best friends’ mothers. They gave him a list of license plate number options, and he found the perfect one. He gave them our money, and we were on our way with farm truck plates.

Thankfully I did not go with him when he recently went to renew all the registrations on our other vehicles. He renewed them and changed the plates without me knowing, so I didn’t have to be aware of what was happening or watch the process unfold.

For you who are out of the loop on Nebraska license plates, Lincoln and Omaha plates are three letters and three numbers (e.g., ABC 123) and all the other counties have a specific number followed by a few letters and numbers (e.g., # – A1B2). The county numbers were assigned a long time ago, but when they were the largest county was 1 and the smallest county was 93. Seeing how many counties you could find when driving through Nebraska made for great entertainment.

So now instead of driving a car that looks like it’s from Lincoln or Omaha, I drive a car that looks like it’s from one of those small, farm counties in Nebraska. I grew up with a larger county number on my license plate, so it shouldn’t be a big deal; but in my mind I should still have a Lincoln license.

It’s a crisis that points to my personal identity issues. Who I am does not need to be dictated by my license plate; but the truth is, I wonder what other random, unknown people will think of me. I fear when I’m driving in Lincoln now, people will see my plates and think something like, “great I’m stuck behind someone who doesn’t know their way around.” If I get a look like that,  I just might have to get out of my car and go do a little explaining.

The real truth is, regardless of where I live or what my license plate looks like, I’m still me. I don’t want my identity to be wrapped around my location or my license plate. My new plates will be a great reminder of that!


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