We Went Skiing

One benefit to living on the western half of Nebraska is our closer proximity to mountains, which means closer proximity to skiing and hiking. Last weekend Brad and I took advantage of that and went to Snowy Range for a day with some friends.


Although it was icy, it was the perfect slope for people like us, who hadn’t been skiing for 11 years, and it was half the price of slopes around Denver.  It was obvious other Nebraskans had our same idea. We ran into two other groups from our same county (our county is not heavily populated!) and a guy that works for the same place I do.

While riding on a ski lift (as I was praying we wouldn’t fall off and die) we decided we should plan quarterly outings. We don’t do weekly date nights, so we figured getting away somewhere every several months should be our goal. I don’t know if it’s Biblical or not, but I think it’s vital to a healthy relationship to have fun together. Making time for fun seems even more important for us living here because it feels like we work harder and our options for entertainment are fewer.


The day after we got back, mountains showed up to tell us to come back.

It was actually just clouds, but still take my advice and go do something fun!


2 thoughts on “We Went Skiing

  1. JEALOUS!!! I love to ski. We went last year and had a blast! Hubby/wife getaways are a must! We have a marriage conference at our church this weekend I am looking forward to. We aren’t getting away, but I think it counts since the kids will be away. 🙂


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