Small Scale Farming on the 5’s

Once again a day ending in 5 lands on a Sunday. I’m sure there will be days when Brad farms on Sunday, but I’m guessing he won’t today.

Instead I will plead for wisdom on my agricultural undertaking.

We never had much of a yard at our previous residences and now we have plenty of yard. I was thinking it would be fun if we could have a garden. Brad has now informed me it is my garden. It’s not a ‘we’ thing. I’m feeling slightly overwhelmed about it, but I’ll have to just lower my expectations and glean from all the great gardeners around me.

So you know how to best provide me with wisdom, this is what we have to garden:

Brad was at least happy to till it up for me.

Did you catch that? I’ll give you a closer look.

We’re all about fashion statements when working in the yard. Don’t worry the “Cowboy Boots and Shorts” picture can be considered payback for what you see below this.

That same day, Brad came out with the camera and said, “Now you can have some pictures of yourself on your blog!”

How thoughtful.


10 thoughts on “Small Scale Farming on the 5’s

  1. HA! I love the boots and shorts! It reminds me of when my brother was three and all he would wear was his boots with whatever attire. (Not that I’m implying you’re three, Brad!)

    My husband would totally take the same kind of pictures. Must be a guy thing!!


  2. I love your garden idea!! (Loved the pictures too. πŸ™‚ HA!! πŸ™‚ As long as you keep it simple and don’t try to do too many different things you’ll do fine. The biggest thing I’ve learned over the years is to plant perennial flowers – so that you have something blooming in spring – Tulips, jonquils, etc. then summer stuff, daisies, purple salvia, lavender, roses, etc – then fall mums and what not. I did a little bit new every year here – (FOOLISHLY I planted 13 flower beds when we moved out here – that is a LOT of work to keep it weeded) But I do love my flowers. Your kids will love helping I bet! πŸ™‚


    • Where Brad was tilling will mainly be vegetables. We might plant some of that spot back to grass, but we had to get a little hill out of the yard so just tilled it all up. I have a few other smaller beds for flowers. You don’t think that Hannah would help you in the garden? πŸ™‚


  3. You will love your garden! So will the kids! I happen to think pulling weeds is very therapeutic. It’s already planting time for “cool” season veggies. Time to plant your potatoes, asparagus, lettuce, and radishes. Wait until the last frost date for your area to plant the “warm” season veggies. We haven’t tilled our garden yet, so you are ahead of us!


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