A wedding! That’s why I went to Houston. It made for a fabulous excuse to get a pedicure, and since I made my dad take the picture I figure I better show it. My cousin Daron married beautiful Feifei. Here is the couple at their rehearsal dinner.

They have a slight height difference. She’s wearing 4 or 5 inch heals in that picture.

Daron played his saxophone for our wedding. I don’t know why he didn’t ask me to play the trumpet that I haven’t played since high school at his. Seriously, it was a lovely wedding, and I was very thankful to be there.

Now I’d be very thankful if you’d be praying for them. The Monday after his wedding Daron returned to his home to continue treatment for leukemia. Five months ago he would’ve thought he’d go on his honeymoon then return to finish his internal medicine residency. Talk about a plan change.

I’ve been stalling in writing this post because I have so much I want to say but can’t figure out how to say it. I’ll just leave it at asking you to pray for him and his family.



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