Farming on the 5’s

While many farmers in Nebraska were getting ready for planting today, a few of them, including my brother-in-law, were on their way back from South Korea. They import millions of dollars worth from Nebraska.

Brad was here in Nebraska. He started his day doing some electrical work for the guidance system tower that is going on top of the bins. This antennae will communicate with the GPS systems in the tractors in the area. Nifty.

Then Brad loaded up what he needed to start servicing pivots. It was so much stuff it took him 45 minutes to get it all. Stuff like wrenches, grease, air compressor, and other tools.

Once he got started at servicing pivots, he finished two pivots completely and started a third. He has a total of nine to do, only one of which is on ground he’ll be farming. Servicing a pivot involves checking the tire, draining the water from the gear box, filling it with oil, checking the u joints (whatever that is), and checking the lug nuts at each tower. They call where each tire is at on a pivot a tower, and today Brad serviced 18 towers.

I hinted that he should take pictures, but he said he would’ve been covered in grease all day. I guess I’ll just have to go take some pictures of a pivot tower someday.

One of the last towers he serviced had a flat tire, so he took it off and hauled it to town on a trailer. He stopped a home for a minute, then we took off to eat with his mom quick, and headed to practice for the Easter program with greasy smelling hands and all. He wasn’t the only farmer there, so he figured they would understand.

What did your farmer do on the 5th?

Next post…either something Easter or pictures of the adorable calf I saw in the road today.


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