For starters, I like Easter egg hunts. I think they’re a fun activity for little kids, and I like chocolate, Jelly Bellys and Starburst jelly beans. Somehow last weekend, I completely missed the Easter egg hunt that was one block away from our house. I am a little worried now about what people thought of me when they drove by while we were outside playing but not attending the town activity. I obviously have not fully acclimated to small town life. I guess the way you know about these things is by reading the signs in the post office, and I obviously did not do that.

I asked some of the kids I worked with this week what Easter is. I’d be generous if I said one of them could tell me the real meaning behind Easter. It shocked me, and I did my best to give them a little history lesson.

I think the true meaning of Easter is a terrific thing to celebrate. Did you know there’s actual solid evidence that Jesus died and came back to life? To know that my God has power over sin and death means He really has power over everything that concerns me. I find amazing comfort in that.

We’ve been listening to a lot of Lincoln Brewster lately. The song “Salvation is Here” is not fully an Easter song, but it feels like my Easter song this year. The line “it’ll be all right” actually always makes me smile because it’s such a trite phrase, my grandma used to say it frequently and now we say it often in honor of her; but really, if we have Jesus on our side, in the end, “it will be all right!”

I know my God saved the day,

and I know His Word never fails,

and I know my God made a way for me!”


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