If you drive eight hours to come spend the weekend with us, we just might include you in the following adventures.

1. Lunch at the gas station – By the time you come, I might actually know what to recommend.

2. Pivot tire changing in the vicious wind – You just better hope the corn isn’t very tall yet.

3. A fire hall tour

4. An Easter egg hunt in the wind – so we probably won’t take you on that adventure if you’re not here around Easter

5. Shopping at the Mennonite store – because it’s the closest interesting shopping we have

6. Hearts

7. If you come on a weekend when we’re in the program at church, you might end up driving forty miles round trip to church everyday you’re here to help with our kids, just in case the eight hours of driving to get here wasn’t enough car time.

If you drive more or less than eight hours, who knows what the adventures may be. No matter how far the drive, we’ll be very thankful you came.


3 thoughts on “Visitors!

  1. Ah….that was so neat that they got to come and I am POSITIVE they didn’t mind driving more to your church!! I love seeing them and your kids – nothing in the world like hugging your grand kids!!! 🙂 Love you Julie girl.


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