Wheat in the Spring

Some farmers plant wheat in the spring, but around here we plant it in the winter. It makes for some very pretty green in the early spring.

Winter wheat in the spring (with some trees that I wish I could crop out)

I think I took this when the car was moving (Brad was in a hurry) so you could see the current color contrast between the wheat fields and most other fields.

If you’re interested, click here to see what it looked like in November.


3 thoughts on “Wheat in the Spring

  1. If you email me your wheat pic I can crop the trees out for you. 🙂 How is your training going? I have been a little lazy the last few weeks and need to kick it in gear. Only 3 weeks left!


    • Thanks! I should probably find a way to do that myself, huh? I’ve had a running partner for my last two long runs so that helped a lot. I’m looking forward to the run more than when I started training. You’ll rock these last three weeks!


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