Farming on the 5’s

Brad left the house at 5:45 this morning and returned at 9:00 tonight. Planting season is upon us.

In that time frame he planted about 25 acres on his brother’s field and 50 acres on the irrigated field he’s renting. That’s great progress compared to the 6 acres he got done on Monday. If he would have continued at that rate, he thought it would take him about 150 days to plant. Thankfully things are running slightly smoother than on Monday.

Today he had to stop for 30 minutes to fix something on a fertilizer pump and another 30 minutes to change a bearing on a trash whipper (thing that gets the trash out of the seed bed so the seed openers can go through the dirt better). Then he switched from planting a non-irrigated field to irrigated, so he had to spend 2 1/2 hours changing the sprockets on the drive shaft and the seed plates for the different size of seeds. I’m pretty sure he didn’t learn how to do any of that in college; and I didn’t either, so I often just nod my head to acknowledge I’m listening although I’m not necessarily comprehending completely.

Brad got home tonight, made his sandwiches and packed his food for tomorrow, then sat down to his supper of ice cream with lots of fruit and nuts. I offered him what I made for supper, but ice cream is the meal of choice at that time of night.

Tomorrow he’ll repeat the schedule once again, hopefully with out 3 1/2 hours of equipment delays. At the rate we’re going, my guess is that on the next Farming on the 5’s he’ll still be planting. I’ll try to have some pictures of his set up by then.

How’s planting going in your neck of the woods? Is your farmer around more than mine?


6 thoughts on “Farming on the 5’s

  1. Sounds like my huband’s supper of choice for late nights during tax season…although Chris’ supper doesn’t usually have fruit on it…rather chocolate and oreos πŸ™‚


  2. Let see…I think I have you beat, my husband got home on Monday at ….can’t remember, after the kids were in bed, Tuesday was home @ 9:30 b/c we had to drop our van off somewhere, Wednesday at 1am and Thursday at 12:15am and then luckily it rained a bit on Friday so he was home at 6pm!!! I’m ready for planting to be over, but not even close, so I’ll just pray for more rain πŸ™‚
    Miss you! I was thinking about our summer luau, you will have to come back again for our second annual!


    • You definitely have me beat and you added to your family at the same time! I’ll avoid telling Brad about those hours because he might think he needs to do the same. We’d love to come to the luau! Let us know when you get it scheduled so we can try to make it.


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