Saturday Evening Drive

Brad’s been putting in longer hours than normal because of planting. He came home Saturday late afternoon and suggested we all go with him to move fertilizer tanks. We moved a couple of these

and a couple of these.

I think he thought if he’d feel better working Saturday night if he took us along instead of leaving us again. I agreed, and I was able to get some pictures. The ones I took of the planter I’ll show you Saturday, but you can see the field Brad planted now.

His tractor doesn’t have auto steer which means those rows are straight all because of Brad. That’s not how they’d look if I was driving the tractor.

I also tried to take a back lit shot of Elliana. Wyatt was actually asleep and missed out on the shoot.

Then on our way home we saw a real rancher in action, one of Brad’s brothers actually. He had a cow out and was getting it back in with his pick up. It required a lot of steering from one side of the road then back to the other. I found it humorous. He probably didn’t.

Next we saw deer and hay,

and we had a good laugh when Elliana explained the difference between boy and girl cows. “Girl cows have gutters and boy cows don’t have gutters.” It led to questions about other anatomy, which really made her laugh.

That was our Saturday evening drive.


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