Please HELP!

My cousin Daron will be undergoing a bone marrow transplant (BMT) this month. Here’s his description from his CaringBridge site of what that involves:

“The goal of a BMT is to rid the body of leukemia cells. This is achieved by giving total body irradiation and high dose chemotherapy. A side effect of these treatments is the permanent destruction of the bone marrow. Without bone marrow, the blood cells cannot regenerate; and without blood cells, severe anemia develops, and the risk of infection and bleeding multiply exponentially. 

On May 14th I’ll start the week of chemotherapy and radiation. By the end of the week my bone marrow should be destroyed….”
He fails to mention on there that his 30th birthday is this month. That’s just the kind of nice guy he is.
With all that in mind, would you please help encourage him and his wife, Feifei, this month by committing to pray for them and sending a card? A birthday card, thinking of you card, 3×5 card, post card – any card will do! Anything to bring a smile to their face would be appreciated – a joke, an interesting fact (e.g., Acorns are a pigs favorite food.), a hilarious movie quote, the population of your town, a picture, etc.
Send your card to:
Daron and Feifei Williams
1000 Foster City Blvd #7402
Foster City, CA 94494
I don’t have a huge number blog readers which means two things.
1. Daron, if you are one of the readers, I doubt your post master will be overwhelmed with mail for you, although it would be fabulous if he was.
2. Most importantly, if you’re reading this, please be one of the people to send something to encourage Daron and Feifei.
Thanks A LOT!

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