Farming on the 5’s

I don’t feel like waiting until the end of the day to tell you exactly what Brad did today. Unless it rains or he breaks down, he will finish his second week of planting corn. I have no idea of how many weeks this will last.

It should be no big surprise to you that I have some corn planting pictures for you.

Trash Whip

Push the dirt over the seed things (Julie terminology)

In this picture of Farmer Brad in action on a rainy day last week, you can see how both of those things sit on the planter.
Now here are a few pictures of a different planting set ups. It seems that the saying, “there’s more than one way to skin a cat” applies to corn planting.

The planter is collapsed. Looks to me like it might knock a lot of things over if it wasn’t.

12 row planter

Brad’s set up – tractor, 8 row planter, big blue fertilizer tank. The last white tank doesn’t go along too. He’s just filling up from it.

Sometimes he goes without the big blue tank and sometimes with a little extra company in the tractor.


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