It Might Be Planting Season If…

…you’ve wondered what smelled and looked down to see a pile of your husband’s dirty farm clothes.

…all you want for Mother’s Day is your lawn mowed.

…your kids pray, “Dear Jesus, help Daddy plant a lot of acres today.”

…you have a random bag of seed corn show up in your garage.

…you’ve moved fields. God can move mountains, but we help move fields.

…your neighbors wish you’d hire a lawn service.

…you decide to plant your own tree, buy your own microwave, take out your own trash, etc.

…your kids don’t bother asking where Daddy is. He’s planting corn.

…the main conversation you have with your husband every day starts with “How many acres did you get planted today?”

…you secretly wish it would rain.

Got any others? I’d love to read them.


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