Pep Talk

I’d been needing a pep talk. I tried to give myself one, and it didn’t really work. God knew I needed a pep talk and provided it in a message on Elijah. The part I really needed to hear is following and it’s completely relevant for Mother’s Day:

“There is no Christian in this room, or that has ever existed, that goes from mountaintop to mountaintop to mountaintop to mountaintop. It just doesn’t work that way. We have a mountaintop experience and we think, “I want one of those every day!” It becomes like an addiction — I keep looking for my next experience. But you can’t live on the mountaintop. It doesn’t work that way. The overwhelming majority of your life as a Christian will be lived in the midst of the ordinary, everyday, mundane, routine things of life, and if you don’t learn to be faithful in the midst of the ordinary, you will not be a faithful Christian….

“There’s nowhere where God promises that the Christian life is mountaintop after mountaintop after mountaintop. To be faithful as a Christian is to learn to listen to the still small voice of God, in the most ordinary, everyday circumstances of life, because that’s where the majority of your life will be lived. And when you hear the still, small voice of God, everyday moments can become eternal moments.” — Bryan Clark, 5.5.12



4 thoughts on “Pep Talk

  1. I TOTALLY needed this too. I have been having a “Shauna Pity Party” the last few days. I might have to bookmark this one so I can read it more often!


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