Farming on the 5’s

Brad was up with the sun and out to the field he finished yesterday to look for a wrench. He didn’t find it. Makes me wonder how many tools are just laying around in fields out there.

After doing a quick electrical job at 7, he went to check the pivot he planted. (To explain why would take more brain power than I have at the moment. We’ll all just have to wait for a later post on possible problems for that explanation.) He started the pivot and moved on to plant some more corn.

Today he was planting one of his dad’s dry land fields that was wheat last year. He planted about 85 acres and only had to stop a few times to fix a few easily fixable problems. Of course he also had to stop when he needed to refill the seed and fertilizer too. The thing I find interesting about this field is that it’s a mile long, so he spends more time planting and less time turning around. It also has a lonely tree out in the middle. It’s begging to be photographed someday.

I thought maybe I should be feeling bad for Brad with all the long days he’s been spending alone in the tractor; but other than feeling stressed about needing to get done, he said he loves it. That’s an introvert for you.


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