Planting Issues

We went on another country drive. This time to check out how the corn was coming up. I think every field Brad planted had some issue.

On his irrigated pivot some of the corn wasn’t coming up. It’s not bad enough to have to replant it, and the reason for the problem is left to speculation. From what I gather it’s either because it rained right after it was planted, so the ground was crusted and too hard for the corn to push through or when the corn was almost up, it got so warm that the corn was getting enough heat to think it was already up and started leafing just a little too early. Either way they’ve been running the pivot to help encourage it to come up, and I’ve been praying for it.

Another field we checked had some spots where corn wasn’t coming up, but Brad checked and the seed was there. It could be that the seed to soil contact wasn’t very good.

As for Brad’s brother’s field in my last post, while Brad was planting it the mechanism that makes only one seed drop every so many inches quite working for one of the eight planter spots. Do you notice how two rows look greener than the others? They’re greener because Brad planted a solid row of seed in them.  Thankfully the monitor informed him he was planting way too much corn so he stopped and fixed it before too long.

For a perfect planting, there would be a seed every so many inches, it would be in not too deep and not too shallow, the ground would not be too crusty on top and would stay just the right temperature, and the dirt would fall perfectly around the seed. Considering all the different things that can go wrong, it’s amazing that the amount of corn comes up that does.


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