We went out our back door to watch the coming storm after supper tonight. Two rabbits were just sitting in the grass looking at us. Elliana thinks it’s her personal mission to scare away rabbits so they don’t eat the garden, but she told Brad to scare them away since she was too scared to go out when it was thundering.

One rabbit scurried away when it saw Brad and the hoe coming after it, but the other just sat there until the hoe got much closer. When it finally moved, guess what we saw.

Right in the middle of the lawn! Right where the fire pit action needs to take place very soon!

From the time I saw them to the time I got back out with the camera, Brad saw the parents under our snowball bush looking like they were working on making more babies. Lovely.

Good thing Elliana insisted we plant one of our flowers that “keeps rabbits away” in the middle of the garden. I can only figure that I must have poorly explained what “rabbit resistant” meant to her when we were at the nursery. Whether it keeps rabbits away or is rabbit resistant, it appears to be the type of plant we’ll need around here.


2 thoughts on “Rabbits!

  1. Oh help!! Bunnies are cute, but… Travis shot one for me that they later found out was pregnant, very. I’m so glad we got it before the babies were born so we didn’t have to make the babies starve. A hard decision. I loved watching Mrs. Rabbit (she was quite tame) but my strawberry plants were being nibbled off.


    • I left the decision about what to do with the babies to Brad. He mentioned something about a spade, but as of this morning they’re still wiggling around in their hole.


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