Farming on the 5’s

Brad’s electrifying things today, but I’ll tell you something farming related from earlier this week.

Just when we were rejoicing that planting was over, he finds out he has to replant part of the field with the pivot on it (a.k.a. the pivot).  Picture this – three farmers and the seed representative standing in the field discussing the stand (how many plants were up). I wasn’t there, but I’m sure they may have stood there for at least an hour talking about the field and anything else they found to discuss.

I told you earlier two reasons why they thought some of the corn didn’t come up, but it turns out it was neither of those reasons. The current theory is that the ground was too wet when Brad planted and the dirt didn’t fall around the seed like it needed. In the third and last pictures in this post about planters you can see what the weather looked like the day it was planted. Brad actually had to stop for a few hours that day because of rain.

The result (all figures are approximate):
17,000 plants per acre instead of 33,000
That translates into 110 bushel corn instead of 210 bushel corn,
which means $500 less per acre if he gets $5 for each bushel of corn.

So Tuesday Brad and his brother replanted the worst 50 acres.

You work and learn and know you won’t make the same mistake next year and now we can finally say planting is finished – a fabulous accomplishment! I’ll tell you more of our recent accomplishments in my next post. They are many.


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