Practicing Hospitality

Last weekend we practiced hospitality.

We started the weekend breaking out the fire pit for the first time with friends. I didn’t break out the camera; but it was breezy, ashes blew on all of us and we had a fun time.

Later in the weekend special friends who dwell in another tiny Nebraska town came to visit. We broke out all our water activities, and I did break out the camera.

This little man slept through the water entertainment. He had to settle for playing with plastic hay bales. I love this beautiful lady, and she loves to encourage me to stay the course in life and decorate my house. It’s a tough job but coming to visit us really helped.

Our next batch of company came for breakfast Monday morning. We were planning to go to breakfast at the legion hall with some friends but got there late. Oops. We enjoyed a camera-less breakfast with them at our house instead.

Then that evening we topped off the weekend right and had Brad’s family over. Thankfully the weather was gorgeous because it would’ve been close quarters with everyone inside our house. I did take pictures and unfortunately wasn’t able to fully capture the throwing the football over the house activity.

Romans 12:13 …practice hospitality.

I read that verse this week, after I ran out of mustard and forks when we had Brad’s family over. I’m not a master chef, I don’t set a beautiful table, I get nervous company will be bored or uncomfortable, I say stupid things, and I have not made my house look homey; but I still desire to get better at practicing hospitality.

I’d love it if you could come some time to give me more practice. I may or may not take pictures.


2 thoughts on “Practicing Hospitality

  1. You are a beautiful hostess! we had a blast! it was sooo needed-friends! Head up- Ladies out- and smile on! you are courageous and strong! Cant wait to show hospitality to you on the 4th or sooner if you would like!! love you lots dear friend!


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