Trees of Remembrance

My parents planted a lot of trees at the house we lived in when I was young. They often took a picture with us by each newly planted tree. It has made for a good way to remember what was going on and how big we were at the time.

It’s so important to remember events where God has shown himself in our lives. We just planted two trees, and I want them to help me remember.

The ornamental pear tree will remind me of God carrying us through this past year. It makes me think of me learning to grow up and live independently during those busy times during a farmer’s life. I bought the tree and planted it mostly by myself. I’m not saying wives should live independently of their husbands, but I tend to rely on Brad a lot. A normal tree buying would be with him, me asking what tree he thought we should get, then him planting it. Corn planting came along, and I figured we’d never have a tree in our yard unless I took matters into my own hands.

I love how this picture captures these two at this time. Wyatt – “I gotta go potty!” Elliana – pretending she’s the adult mother of Bitty Baby, doing her own hair and picking out her own clothes.

Mother’s Day came along and Brad bought me a gorgeous red bud. We started measuring where it should go, measured for the pear tree while we were at it, and realized that if the pear tree gets as big as it could it was too close to the house. Brad moved it a few feet. I guess I’ll have to keep working at doing things independently, but I’m still proud of that little tree.

I’ve wanted a red bud since Brad and I would walk around campus while they were blooming in the spring. They bloom right on the branch, and I find it fascinating. This tree will remind me campus walks with Brad and of the joy of being a mother. It also currently make me feel old because I was actually thrilled to get a tree for Mother’s Day. I can’t wait to see it bloom in the spring!

What things in your life help you to remember?


5 thoughts on “Trees of Remembrance

  1. Loved this idea! 🙂 Hey been wanting to know how is your cousin doing with his treatments? I’d love to hear an update on him. Been praying for him and his wife and sending cards but wondered how he is doing. Love you! Joy


    • We talked to his mom last weekend. He’s in extreme pain from the sores in his mouth, but they’re encouraged that the neutrophils are starting to appear. Once his immune system returns his main job will just be to get well. He shouldn’t have to have any more chemo. Thanks so much for caring and praying! Hopefully there will be a new update on his caringbridge site soon.


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