Farming on the 5’s

Brad left before dawn and turned on his pivot.

Irrigated CornI always worry I’m giving you the wrong idea when I say “his”. I use the term “his” loosely because technically Brad’s dad owns the pivot and the land it waters. At this stage of the game, we don’t own any farm ground of our own.

Pivot End GunOther than praying for rain, that’s the most farming Brad will probably do today.

Center PivotOther farmers in the area are probably checking their wheat to see if it’s ready to cut and getting their machinery ready for harvest.

Wheat Almost Ready for HarvestUnlike some farmers in Kansas who are finished with wheat harvest, it hasn’t quite started here. (You’ll see adorableness and fabulous wheat harvest pictures if you check out that link.)

Slightly Green WheatAre you or your farmer doing any interesting farm work today?


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